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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Matt Watson and Josh Smith, the Las Cruces Attorneys, understand that civil litigation has lasting effects even long after a case is decided.

Our team strives to mitigate the considerable emotional impact of the litigation process by tirelessly providing thorough, personal, and effective representation in order to bring the matter to a quick and successful conclusion.

Watson Smith endeavors to minimize the emotional impact that a civil issue may deliver. They work hard to achieve the overall outcome you desire.

Watson Smith litigators represent individuals, businesses, and organizations that are parties to civil litigation, and are recognized for their experience, innovation, and efficiency, as well as their willingness to proceed all the way through trial if a reasonable and fair settlement cannot be achieved through negotiation.

Our service areas include:

  • Santa Teresa
  • Las Cruces
  • Doña Ana County
  • El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas
  • The State of New Mexico

Watson Smith attorneys are admitted to state and federal courts throughout the states of New Mexico and Texas, and will fight for a complete and fair resolution of all your claims.

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