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Do not leave your loved ones behind. Ensure your will is up to date and in order. Matt Watson and Josh Smith are here for you to ensure your will is good to go and legally valid, should anything ever happen to you.

A will is carried out through probate, in which the probate court will oversee the enactment of the will and the distribution of your assets following your wishes. If you are currently dealing with probate or are concerned with what happens when you pass away, refer to our probate law page here.

Living Will

A living will is a legal document which defines your wishes for medical care should anything happen to you. The living will is different than a regular will as it does not define how property is to be handled after death. The living will is important to ensuring your wishes to treatment are meet should you become unable to make these decisions for yourself (in cases such as comas or dementia). Watson Smith will help you create, and if necessary enact, a living will that meets your wishes.

Living Trust

Watson Smith can help you create a living trust that meets your needs. A living trust can be used to plan for potential disability, distribute property before or after death, and provide privacy for those involved, as a will is considered public record. A living trust also allows one’s heir(s) to bypass probate court upon their death, which can be a time consuming and stressful process.

The difference between a will and living trust:

  • A will is only enacted after a person has passed away
  • A living trust is enacted as soon as it is created

If you need a will or living trust drawn up or are unsure which is suited to your current situation, contact Watson Smith today. We are your Las Cruces attorneys, and it is our mission to provide quality legal assistants to meet your any need.

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