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Good communication between the client and attorney is vital to the success of that relationship.

When you retain our services, we will provide an honest and objective evaluation of your specific situation and provide you the legal counsel necessary for you to make decisions. When you communicate with our firm our goal is to understand your specific needs. Careful and open communication with you is how we develop a thorough understanding of your legal issues. We will require you to provide us with all of the facts and documentation necessary to properly evaluate your case. This in depth approach is what sets us apart.

Our attorneys, Matthew G. Watson and Joshua L. Smith have extensive legal experience and diverse backgrounds that make Watson Smith, L.L.C. a unique and effective law firm. We provide an innovative approach to the practice of law in a professional office environment. At your initial consultation, you will meet with an attorney committed to providing you the best advice possible through open and thoughtful communication. We will help you understand how your legal issue is best dealt with through the sometimes confusing legal system. Before you invest in your legal affairs, we want to ensure that you have a firm understanding of what we can provide for you, and what you can expect once representation begins. We are here to help you solve your problems.

If you are involved in a dispute, we will thoroughly outline the options available to resolve that dispute. If your matter can be resolved before stepping into a courtroom, we will make our best efforts to do so. Should your situation require the use of our court system the combined trial experience and innovative approach of our attorneys give you a significant advantage in the courtroom. It is our goal to meet your needs and resolve your disputes as effectively and efficiently as the law allows.

Our practices areas include litigation (trial work), water and natural resource law, personal injury, all aspects of real estate law, business development and litigation, wills and trusts, and corporate law. If your matter involves an area of law outside of our expertise, our knowledgeable staff will refer you to an attorney in that field.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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